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Gustav elevator rope pawo f7s

One of the special constructions of the elevator wire rope is the PAWO F7S structure, which is a series of PAWO wire ropes of the German Gustav brand. This particular construction of the elevator towing wire has a Warrington type texture unlike the more general structures used in this industry which have a flood type texture. In the weave of each of the strands of this elevator tow wire, two different sizes of wire are used, which are placed in the middle and in total, it provides high flexibility and very suitable tensile strength for this structure of elevator tow wire. The core type of this structure is a steel elevator tow wire with Warrington weave and surrounded by a row of strands with a smaller wire diameter and with a standard weave around the core.

KISWIRE elevator rope

Gustav Wolf Pawo F3 wire rope

The PAWO F3 series Gustav Wolf elevator towing wire is produced from hemp seed. There is actually a noticeable difference between the simple 8x19 structure elevator tow wire and the Gustav Wolf F3 structure, even though both are hemp cores. The F3 structure of the Gusta Wolf elevator cable uses a middle layer of steel strands between the outer layer and the hemp core, and in fact, the hemp core is used with a very small diameter. In terms of flexibility, it should be said that the 8X19 structure of the elevator towing wire is more flexible than the PAWO F3 Gustav Wolf series elevator towing wire, but it is in a lower category in terms of tensile strength and creep resistance.

PAWO F10 gustav wolf rope

GUSTAV WOLF F7 wire rope

USHA-MARTIN elevator rope